The Wisdom of the Small Farmers Journal

I can’t express enough how valuable the Small Farmers Journal is for anyone who wants to live more self-sufficiently and sustainably. It contains so much wisdom and more information than I can read in an afternoon. Pulling it out of my mailbox is like finding a brand new book that I know will change my life in very profound ways. If you value good food, right living, and a connection to the natural world, subscribe.

Here is Andrew Plotsky’s take on his experience with the Journal.

She’s Geeky!

I’m freshly back from the She’s Geeky Unconference. What’s an “unconference” you may ask? It’s where the conference participants who are professionals or experts in various fields create an agenda of subjects they’d like to explore and then they explore them. At “She’s Geeky”, we had women in all aspects of STEM: science, technology, engineering, and math. Because of our northwest location, most of us were in high tech, so we talked about a lot of computational fun.

One session discussed how to incorporate computers into clothing using Arduino or Lilypad with conductive thread and LED lights. Another was dedicated to working with teams of men when you’re the only women.  We talked about hacker spaces, coding group meetups, why tech t-shirts never come in women’s sizes, game developers and how to become one, awesome programs for creating websites, how to bring creativity to coding, running online classes, and breaking the glass ceiling in STEM.

As I run through my notes from each day’s sessions, I’ll share the collected wisdom with you. Stay tuned!