Cutting Costs on Cell Phone Coverage

(This is for Tim…)

Here’s the deal: the Big Four cell phone companies no longer are the only game in town. There are many new companies offering cell phone service at a half to a third of the cost, with plans that are better tailored to how you use your phone. And, they don’t require contracts!

Here’s a quick list of some good ones: Virgin Mobile, Consumer Cellular, Boost Mobile, and the ultimate in low-cost smartphone cellular access, Republic Wireless. (That $19 a month price for unlimited access is not a typo!)

Here’s what you do: get some copies of your wireless phone bill so that you know what your usage is. Go to the web sites of each of these companies and see which of their plans might suit you best. Check to see if their coverage map includes your area. Then see how much you will save.

The best time to change your cell phone company is once you are no longer under a contract and you’ve found that it is time to buy a new phone. Most of these companies will want you to purchase a phone that is compatible with their system. Even if that costs a bit upfront, you’ll be saving so much over the course of the next two years, it will be entirely worth it. Your cell phone number is portable, which means that you can keep your number no matter what company you choose.

Currently, I’m using Virgin Mobile and I have an HTC EVO 3D smartphone. The phone cost me $239 to purchase and I pay $35 a month for unlimited text, data (web), and 300 minutes of talk time. This fits me to a tee. I am also quite impressed with the level of customer service at VM. It’s SO much better than I’ve experienced with any of the big companies.

Now, go save yourself some money!

2 thoughts on “Cutting Costs on Cell Phone Coverage

  1. Hi I met you at shambala farm a couple weeks ago very interested in cell phone info .
    I checked the coverage area for virgin mobile and it looked poor. With vast areas of white no coverage.
    What is your experience? Are you satisfied with coverage? Also unlimited data is in a wifi hot area right?
    Unlike a i-phone where it is included. Thankyou for your time I think your web site is cool

    • Hi Ginny!
      Thanks so much for attending the Online Marketing class. I hope you got lots of good information from it.

      So far, I’ve been very happy with Virgin Mobile. I’m in an area that has “fair” (light green on their map) service and I can make calls if I’m not under the metal roof of my house. I’ve kept my land line so that calls from home won’t get interrupted by bad service.

      Other companies may have different service levels depending on where you are. If you’re really remote, the only company that might work is Verizon, but they are just as expensive as everyone else. I hope you find one that works for you there.


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