Farming Resources:

  • The Greenhorns is an association of young farmers. They have a site and a documentary.
  • The Greenhorns Blog is just chock-full of great information.
  • In my state, we have the Washington Young Farmers Coalition, getting the next generation involved in agriculture.
  • The USDA Farmers Market site, with lots of information on funding, resources, and other ways to market your produce.
  • The USDA has a Beginning Farmer and Rancher program. This year’s grants are closed but bookmark this site for 2013.
  • They also have information on grants for Farmer’s Markets.
  • Washington State’s Guide for Farmers Markets has resources for insurance, funding, and an annual conference.
  • The Small Farms Conservancy has many resources for small farmers, including access to land, job opportunities, access to insurance, education, etc.
  • The Small Farmers Journal has fantastic information on all aspects of farming, whether or not you use horses. I’ve been reading it for years and I’m always surprised by how much I learn in every edition. They also sponser a fantastic 3-day auction in Madras, Oregon, every spring. I’ve picked up some great equipment and advice there.
  • Jon at Open Gate Farm told me about World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF), which gets apprentices and temporary workers onto small farms so that they can learn new techniques and share knowledge. It’s an international group, so people can exchange ideas worldwide. How fun is that?
  • Crop Mob is a new idea started in North Carolina. (There is now a Seattle chapter, as well.) This group is made up of people who enjoy farming but aren’t able to yet. (Yes, farmer wannabees!) Instead, they volunteer to help on small farms when many hands are needed. They are volunteers who will assist with planting and harvesting and who only ask for a good meal and a chance to spend some time in the country in return. It’s a win-win for everyone.
  • The American Farmland Trust helps farmers preserve farmland. You can’t have farmers if there’s no land to farm. Rather important, I’d say.
  • Zero Digital Divide discusses efforts to bring broadband to everyone.
  • Farm-to-Consumer Foundation – This group helps farmers who produce raw milk or any direct-to-consumer foods.
  • Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund – And this is the legal services provided by the foundation, which protects for those who sell directly.
  • The Weston A. Price Foundation – This group advocates for consuming “nutrient-dense whole foods and the vital fat-soluble activators found exclusively in animal fats”.
  • Farm Stay US – the site for farmstays.
  • Bioneers on Whidbey Island – This is their Facebook site. There are some little jewels of information I’m finding fascinating.

My Favorite Farms:

Tech Stuff:

Blogs and Other Interesting Sites:

  • Doc Hammill – My favorite draft horse and teamster trainer.
  • Zero Digital Divide – a blog about breaking down the barriers to broadband for everyone.
  • Earthineer – a Sustainable Networking site. This is a great community of folks helping each other live more lightly on the land.

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