Influenced by Ironing

One of my favorite childhood memories was hanging out with my mom while she was doing things around the house. When she ironed, she used to time it to do the work while watching Star Trek. (Yes, she was a fan.) We had a lot of linens. I watched a LOT of Star Trek. And I loved every minute of it.

Seeing Lt. Uhura, in a command position on the bridge of the Enterprise, working with extremely cutting-edge technology every week, was a huge influence on me. She was the lynchpin of most every episode since she controlled the ship’s connection with every lifeform they met. And she could do it with those great nails! I┬áloved her level of confidence. When Nichelle Nichols became the spokesperson for NASA, I thought that it was the smartest thing the agency could ever do.

Thank you, thank you for showing me what I could aspire to be.